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Welcome to the Membership Form for Community Equity Fund Scholarship Applicants. Our Community Equity Fund (CEF) provides extended payment terms and scholarships to offset the cost of our $300 member equity investment for those who would otherwise be unable to join. If CEF funds are available, you may be approved for a scholarship of up to a maximum of $275. Extended payment terms of up to 5 years may also be approved regardless of CEF fund availability.

PLEDGE: How much you would like to contribute to your equity share in total?  This can be as little as $25 total. Select an amount between $25 - $275 that you believe you can invest overtime and we will evaluate your request to have the CEF cover the remainder.  

INITIAL INSTALLMENT: How much can you put down to get started today?  You can get started with as little as $5 today but some CEF applicants start with $10, $25, or more. 

PAYMENT TERMS:  How long would you like to have to pay it off? You can decide how you will pay it over a period of up to 5 years. We encourage you to set up a monthly installment plan on this page today. Enter number of monthly installments through which you would like to pay your full pledged amount. Your total equity contribution will be divided equally across the number of installments you choose (ex. $25 over 5 months = $5 per month or $60 over 12 months = $5 per month)

If you would prefer quarterly or yearly rather than monthly installments, you can click below to join as a member-owner with a contribution of $5 or more today – and then we'll follow up with you in 3 months about your next contribution.

CEF Terms and Exclusions: 

  • Think of this scholarship like a revolving long-term loan. The scholarship stays in the co-op and may not be redeemed for cash. 

  • Scholarships are subject to CEF funds availability. We may be unable to extend a scholarship or fund to the extent of your request if funds are limited.  

  • If you ever choose to leave the co-op, the scholarship portion will be returned to the fund for reallocation. 

  • If you should find at a later date that you are no longer in need of the scholarship, you may simply add equity to your membership, and we will return the amount on your share that exceeds $300 to the CEF for reallocation. 

  • The co-op reserves the right to discontinue this program, modify program terms, or reappropriate scholarship funds at any time for any reason.