South Philly Food Co-op needs to raise $14,000 in additional community capital to help bridge a gap in financing. The gap is due to recent national increases to construction and equipment costs. We have raised an additional $136,000 towards the $150,000 funding gap, putting us 91% of the way toward closing it. We must raise these funds before we open our doors. Our total start-up capital budget is now $1.29 million and we have raised over $1.23 million to date. To help fill this gap, we are encouraging community members to make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) by clicking the donate button below. Our goal is to raise at least $15,000 in donations. Your gift of any amount will help keep construction on track and advance our opening date! Funds donated can be used for construction, equipment, inventory, start-up staffing, and other costs associated with getting the store open.

Q. Who should donate?
A. Anyone who is inspired by our mission can donate and we are specifically looking for those in the following categories to contribute:

  • fully-invested member-owners that not able to invest in a member loan ($1,000 or more) 
  • friends of the co-op who do not live in they Philly don't plan to become members but want to support our endeavor
  • businesses that want to make a positive impact in our community   
  • community groups, foundations, and other non-profit entities that support our mission
  • YOU! 

Q. What should I do before I make a donation? 
A. We are asking folks who are not yet fully-invested owners to consider ownership first. 

Q. What are other ways to help? 
A. Joining the co-op, paying your share in full, making a member-loan and volunteering your time are other ways to support our effort.

note: Member-ownership comes with rights and benefits that you will want to receive, assuming you plan to shop in our store. Only those who are fully-invested or making monthly installments toward their share are eligible for the benefits of membership.   

Q. How much should I donate? 
A. You can donate at any level to help our campaign. Please donate an amount that is meaningful to you. Those who donate at the harvest level or higher will be included in our Grand Opening Program Guide. Those who donate at the fruit level or higher will get a free South Philly Food Co-op tote bag at the grand opening!

Donation Levels:

Bumper Crop: $1000 +
Harvest: $500  
Fruit: $200  
Flower: $100  
Branch: $75  
Root: $50  
Sprout: $25  
Seed: $5  

Your tax-deductible donation will help ensure that we have the capital that we need to complete construction, stock our shelves, hire staff, and open and operate community-owned grocery store that will serve our community for generations to come! Thank you for your support!  

Looking forward to seeing you in our store!