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We know you have been following our rather epic journey. Over the past 9 years, South Philly Food Co-op has grown from an idea to a community of 1,276+ member-households and hundreds of other supporters and partners. Together, our community has invested over $826,000 into the Co-op, leveraging another $437,000 in loans to make our store a reality.

We at South Philly Food Co-op were about 6 weeks away from finishing construction on our store, when covid-19 required all non-life-essential construction to halt. This means that we are going to incur additional costs throughout this requisite delay, most notably for rent and our general manager's salary.

While we are speedily applying to various business relief packages out there, we are aware that we are ineligible for some – by virtue of our cooperative ownership structure – and that, when possible, we would prefer community-funding to debt capital. Would you consider making a donation to South Philly Food Co-op to help us offset the costs of this requisite delay? We are so grateful for your support.

There are two ways to donate: 

1) Make a tax-deductible donation through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor:

2) Donate to the co-op and we'll share the love by extending 50 cents on every dollar to one of two outstanding community groups that are involved in direct covid-19 relief efforts. Click here to learn more.

Q. How much should I donate? 
A. You can donate at any level to help our campaign. Please donate an amount that is meaningful to you. Those who donate at the harvest level or higher will be included in our Grand Opening Program Guide. Those who donate at the fruit level or higher will get a free South Philly Food Co-op tote bag at the grand opening!

Donation Levels:

Bumper Crop: $1000 +
Harvest: $500  
Fruit: $200  
Flower: $100  
Branch: $75  
Root: $50  
Sprout: $25  
Seed: $5  

Your tax-deductible donation will help ensure that we have the capital that we need to complete construction, stock our shelves, hire staff, and open and operate community-owned grocery store that will serve our community for generations to come! Thank you for your support!  

Looking forward to seeing you in our store!