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South Philly Food Co-op's mission is to use food as a force for good - at our tables, in our community and for our planet. We’re hiring staff to help us accomplish those goals!

Working at South Philly Food Co-op is more than just a job. As employees of a member-owned grocery store, we manage the Co-op with great care for our community. Under the leadership of our General Manager, staff work to accomplish our mission of using food as a force for good. Our General Manager creates goals that align with our mission and the policies established by our member-owner elected Board of Directors.

The Co-op offers full and part time positions, compensated with fair wages and benefits. We invest in our employees by providing professional development and opportunities for advancement. We believe everyone should love their job and their team members. The Co-op is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications Always Accepted

Application Process

  1. Learn about the Co-op’s mission, principles and ends.
  2. Learn about the position you’re applying for by clicking on the job description linked above.
  3. Submit your job application using this simple form.
  4. If applying for a leadership position, submit a resume by emailing [email protected].
  5. Be patient! We’re currently accepting applications and conducting interviews on a rolling basis. While you wait to hear from us, sign up for our newsletter and join us at our upcoming events.



Applications Always Accepted