All are welcome! You don't have to be a member to shop.

Why Become A Member-Owner

While anyone can shop at South Philly Food Co-op, we encourage everyone to become member-owners. Our member-owners are the people who democratically own and operate the Co-op together. Click here to meet a couple of current member-owners. If you aren’t already a member-owner, join us today! You can also give the gift of member-ownership to your family, friends and neighbors. 

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Benefits of Member-Ownership

Member-owner equity investments build our Co-op’s collective power to use food as a force for good - at our tables, in our community and for our planet. As a result, member-owners receive a number of benefits in return.

  1. Economic - Member-owners save money by investing in the Co-op.
    • Patronage Refunds - A portion of the Co-op’s profits are distributed back to member-owners, so the more you shop, the more you save. These patronage refunds are dependent on the Co-op’s financial health and happen at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
    • Owner Specials - Some of our best sales are extended just to member-owners.
    • Owner Appreciation Days - Member-owners enjoy events featuring seasonal samples, special owner discounts and more.
    • Shop South Philly - Member-owners get discounts at over 40 local businesses through our Shop South Philly program.
  2. Democratic - Member-owners collectively own and operate the Co-op.
    • Board of Directors - Member-owners can run for a seat on the Co-op’s Board.
    • Democratic Control - Member-owner households receive a vote in Board Elections and more at biannual General Membership Meetings.
    • Community Engagement - Member-owners help the Co-op better serve the needs of our community by sharing ideas and joining decision making.
    • Community Building - Member-owners work, shop and have fun at the Co-op’s community events.
    • Training Orientations - Member-owners join information sessions about the Co-op and how to get involved.
    • Transparent Information - Member-owners have access to the Co-op’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Register and special member-only information sessions.
  3.  Societal - Member-owners guide the Co-op in the best interest of our community.
    • Good Food - Member-owners support the Co-op’s product selection guidelines that emphasize local healthy, sustainable and ethical products that are good for our customers and the planet.
    • Thriving economies - Member-owners allow the Co-op to support local farmers, producers and businesses.
    • Empowering Jobs - Member-owners help the Co-op create meaningful and well paying jobs for local community members.
    • Positive Change - Member-owners support the Co-op’s work centering food justice and social equity in our local food system.
    • Green Practices - Member-owners encourage the Co-op to remain committed to sustainability by minimizing waste through composting, recycling, investing in green products and reducing energy use.

Terms of Member-Ownership

A member‐owner is a person who has invested equity in the Co‐op. Member-owner equity investment is set at $300 per household. A household is a group of people residing at the same address who live together as a unit. The primary member‐owner is the main contact within the household.

The $300 member-owner equity investment can be paid in full at once or in monthly installments ranging from 2-12 months. Member-owners who cannot afford to pay the $300 equity investment can join with support from our Community Equity Fund.

To become a member-owner online, click here to make a secure payment through Paypal. To make a member-owner equity investment via check, make it payable to South Philly Food Co-op. Please drop it off to one of our store cashiers at 2031 S Juniper Street, or mail it to: 

South Philly Food Co-op
2031 S Juniper Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Member‐owner status will not be granted until the transaction is complete and signed applications are received. Any contribution made beyond the $300 member-owner equity investment will be considered a gift donation. Member-owner equity investments are refundable upon request, only if the refund does not threaten the financial health of the Co-op.

Why Become A Member-Owner