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Board Candidate 2019

What's your name? Jen Herczeg

Why is the Co-op important to you? It’s important to me to be part of organizations that serve my community, especially ones that provide better access to healthy and affordable food like the Co-op. South Philly is so vibrant and special. I want to help continue making it a place where people from all backgrounds can feel at home – and will be encouraged to stay, raise families or get more involved in the community.

When did you join, and (if applicable), how have you been involved? I’ve been involved since June 2013, first with the Membership and Operations Committees, and then focusing on the Marketing & Communications Committee, eventually co-leading it. Unfortunately, a new job that involved a lot of travel and a new baby left me with little time to stay as involved at that level for the past few years.

How will your experience, skills, or unique perspectives strengthen the Co-op board? Having recently left my corporate job and starting my own business in South Philly has freed up some time and also renewed my commitment to the community and the Co-op! I am eager to bring over 15 years of experience working with grocery stores, retail food shops and fast casual restaurants, such as Whole Foods Market, Di Bruno Bros., Starbucks, Chipotle, Little Baby's Ice Cream and Poppy’s Greengrocer in New Hope, PA, which will focus on low-waste, seasonal, and local products in partnership with regional farmers. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to put all of these experiences and my networks and resources in this space to good use supporting the success of the Co-op for many years to come!