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Meet a Member-Owner

We love hearing why our neighbors have become South Philly Food Co-op member-owners, so we asked a couple to share their experience.

“I love being part of something that I have a personal and community stake in and can help create and influence in terms of offerings and selection and values. Along with my passion for midwifery and women’s health, supporting and creating local food systems and nutrition education and cooking have always been near to my heart.”Member-Owner, Christy Santoro
“I put my money where my mouth is because I believe the Co-op will be a great thing for the South Philadelphia community. This area is a real melting pot, and the opportunity to be a part of bringing the various neighborhoods and cultures together via food is very appealing.”Member-Owner, Marsha Shiflet
Albert Yee“As my interest in the local food movement has grown, the thought of having a direct say in the products that will appear on the shelves of a place I co-own... that sounded like something I wanted to be a part of.”Member-Owner, Albert Yee
Sarah DeGiorgis“I joined the Co-op because I like that the business model is about equality: almost anyone can join because the initial investment is not very much ($200, that can be paid in installments) and everyone has to do their allotted volunteer hours each year (8 hours.) Since all members are also owners, all decisions must be voted on so everyone has a say. All this adds up to a nice community of like-minded people who are invested in the Co-op’s success.”Member-Owner, Sarah DeGiorgis
Aaron Bauman“I try to support small businesses whenever I can, so I’m stoked about having an alternative to big box grocery in the neighborhood. The equity share price seems like a bargain.”Member-Owner, Aaron Bauman
“I love the idea of co-ops in general, and the thought of having access to fresh, locally sourced food seemed like a no-brainer.”Member-Owner, Aubin Clever