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Board Candidate 2019

What's your name? Prashant Ghokshe

Why is the Co-op important to you? I am an invested homeowner in the community that wants to see the Co-op succeed because there is limited access to high-quality, fresh ingredients in the surrounding neighborhoods. As a community-oriented person, and being fairly new to the city, it is important for me to build deep rooted connections with those around me that share similar priorities.

When did you join, and (if applicable), how have you been involved? I joined the Co-op this year, in 2019.

How will your experience, skills, or unique perspectives strengthen the Co-op board? I am in a good position at the South Philadelphia branch of the Free Library because I am able to gauge patrons' interests, which often overlap with those of the Co-op. The library often has patrons who are interested in volunteer efforts which often exceed the Library's ability to host them, so I can direct and coordinate them to at the Co-op. Also, the Library is often partnering/networking with other local organizations, leaving a great deal of opportunity to collaborate in creative ways.