Interested in selling your products to the co-op?

South Philly Food Co-op is passionate about cultivating a food system that is just and thriving. This means supporting local farmers, producers, and artisans as well as other producers world-wide that ensure that farmers and laborers are treated fairly. To this end we forge direct relationships with farmers, producers, and cooperatives that aggregate farmers goods for distribution in the market. 

The food co-op has product selection guidelines that we use to prioritize what we purchase. If you are a local farmer or producer or a co-op or other direct distributor of co-op-made, fair-trade, or other socially-just enterprise, we want to hear from you! 
Here's how to apply to sell to the co-op: 
  1. Fill out our Grower & Producer Application 
  2. Send us a copy of the required documentation listed at the bottom of the application at:
  3. Supply any forms you need us to fill out along with your product list/price sheet to:
  4. Mail us a sample: South Philly Food Co-op, Attn: Buyers, PO Box 31506, Philadelphia, PA 19147 or set an appointment to meet in person.
We look forward to hearing from you and working together to create an equitable, sustainable, local food system!