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Basics Box Description and FAQ

What is the Basics Box? A curated grocery staple box for our member-owners to order online for non-perishable pantry items on a biweekly basis with contactless pickup.

Do I have to be a member-owner to shop? No, our online store is now open to the public! But it does pay to be a member-owner because member-onwers get money saving coupon codes! If you would like to become a member-owner click here to learn more. If you are unable to afford membership, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your options. Sign up for our newsletter here. 

How do I place an order? Member-owners will receive an email with link to our online store each order cycle or just click the button below. Check your inbox for "SPFC Basics Box" to be alerted about each new box and order window. Non-owners are encouraged to sign-up for our newsletter to find out when it will be opened up to non-members.

How many and what kinds of items will the box contain? The box will contain 12-18 non-perishable staple foods that are curated by our buyer for this particular order. The varieties to be included in the box will be published on our order site during the order period. We reserve the right to substitute out of stock items with comparable items. 

Week #11 selections (for Pick Up/Delivery on Friday, October 23rd:

  • Garbanzo Beans, dried, 2 lbs
  • Tahini, 1 jar, LOCAL
  • Couscous, 1 package
  • Lemons, 2-3 ct
  • Red onions, 2-3 ct
  • Garlic bulbs, 2-3 ct
  • Cannellini Beans 2 lbs
  • Arborio Rice, 2lbs
  • Mushrooms, 1 pack
  • Kidney Beans, 1 can
  • Pasta (farfalle and rotini), 2 lbs
  • diced tomatoes, 1 can
  • tomato paste, 1 can
  • pumpkin seeds .4 lbs
  • granola, 1 bag
  • chips (pita + bbq potato), 2 bags
  • toilet paper, 4 rolls

* our goal is to vary the varieties offered within a category from order to order to provide variety. out of stock items will be substituted a similar item to ensure a well-rounded box whenever possible. 

How much will the box cost? We are currently offering the box at $60 (a $65 value). Member-owners will be emailed a coupon code good for $10 off their purchase. Volunteers will also receive a $5 coupon code. That's a combined savings of up to $20! 

What forms of payment will you accept? We accept all major credit or debit cards. 

Will you accept SNAP or WIC? Unfortunately we are unable to accept SNAP and WIC for the boxes due to regulatory requirements and because we presently do not have adequate storage and the boxes must be pre-paid prior to order.

Is this a subscription program with a commitment? No. Each order cycle we will post the list of items we plan to include in that cycle’s curated box plus a rotating variety of a la carte items. Simply review the package and decide if you wish to opt in. No commitment necessary. 

Do you offer split boxes? Unfortunately, we are unable to split boxes. All items must come and be sold pre-packaged to meet health department requirements. We encourage you to go in on a box with a neighbor or donate unwanted items via our donation box.

Can we return/reuse our bags? Due to Covid-19 we cannot reuse your bags for the Basics Box but if you purchase a la carte items, we encourage you to bring these bags in to collect those items provided you do your own bagging. We hope to provide a bag reuse area in our store after the risk with covid has passed. Stay tuned.