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Co-op Cash

Summer at the Co-op is such a fun time for seasonal produce, outdoor events, and cold treats, but it's a tough time for our store financially. 

Sales are historically low for grocery stores in July & August, and being a young store, we don't have the cushion to fall back on like other more seasoned co-ops.  

To resolve this financial discomfort we're experiencing, we're re-introducing Co-op Cash. 

Simply put, “Co-op Cash” is store credit good for future groceries at our store.

It's money that Member-Owners put into their account now that they can spend on groceries later (usable any time after 10/1/23). This is money that you would be spending ANYWAY on future groceries, but spending it now gives us more funds in the bank when we need them during our slower summer months. 

Here’s how: 

  • Put money on your co-op cash account here in any amount over $20.
  • Purchases can be made by credit/debit card (or mail or deliver a check to us with "co-op cash" in the memo line).
  • We will record your full name, member-number if available, email, phone number, and the pre-purchased amount, AND send a “thank you” email as your receipt,
  • We'll use the Co-op Cash as a line of credit which will allow us to keep up with our accounts payable during the slow summer months. 
  • Smile real big when you walk through the doors of your store knowing you're making a difference,
  • On 10/01/2023 we'll activate the Co-op Cash at the register so that you can buy groceries on it,
  • The money on your account will not expire but it is not redeemable for cash, 
  • Be sure to bring a valid state ID or passport with you when you plan to use your Co-op Cash. 

By adding money on this page today you agree to the following:  

  • I would like to support the Co-op by putting "Co-op Cash" on my account at the Co-op
  • Co-op Cash is store credit and is not redeemable for cash
  • This Co-op Cash will not be available for use until 10/01/2023 (when sales start picking up).
  • I must bring a valid state ID or passport when I plan to use Co-op Cash
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