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Board Candidate 2019

What's your name? Chad Hooper

Why is the Co-op important to you? The Co-op is massively important to our community because food pantries and organizations supporting those in need will have a strong partner, and together we can promote a more equitable food system. I’m passionate about minimizing the environmental impact of food and believe we are obligated to our community to support local producers and growers.

When did you join, and (if applicable), how have you been involved? I joined in October 2018. I’m proud to be the Co-op’s 1,000th member! I’ve supported the Co-op in these early stages by promoting membership to my friends in the area. I look forward to increasing my involvement through board service.

How will your experience, skills, or unique perspectives strengthen the Co-op board? I’ve worked closely with two co-ops to develop nutrition programs for people living with terminal illnesses or who were experiencing food insecurity due to homelessness or abuse. I’ve seen firsthand the power of a co-op in a local community – there is no substitute for this work.

I hold a master’s degree in forensic accounting and lead a federal team who analyze the efficacy and accuracy of governmental programs. I’m skilled in designing financial controls and will support the board’s fiduciary stewardship. As a transformational leadership instructor, I help leaders develop skills needed to manage an engaged and productive workforce. I would bring these skills to our Co-op and its leadership, employees, and members.

I love membership development and community outreach. I currently serve on the national board of a professional management organization. I’ve led several successful membership drives, founded chapters in Philadelphia and Fresno, and proposed amended bylaws and membership guides which will improve compliance with federal labor regulations.