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Board Candidate 2019

What's your name? Eli Lipsky

Why is the Co-op important to you? I feel that a community that cares about ALL its members is a pretty basic expectation that unfortunately we may have lost sight of. It's important to me that my son grow up experiencing different world-views, people, and opinions, and the Co-op is a way to connect with the community, the earth, and the city, and provide perspective on our responsibility to all.

When did you join, and (if applicable), how have you been involved? I Joined the Co-op in April 2017. I have not been as involved with the Co-op as I would have liked to this point, but I believe that my background will help me be successful as a Board member if elected.

How will your experience, skills, or unique perspectives strengthen the Co-op board? With my background in construction, retail, and food service management, as well as process implementation and training, I feel that I'll be able to be an asset as we complete the buildout, start stocking the shelves, and gear up for the grand opening and beyond.