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Meet a Committee Member: Joshua Skaroff

On which committee do you serve? I am a member of the Outreach committee and also serve as webmaster and de-facto IT coordinator. What do you do for a living? I'm a software developer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. How did you get involved with the food co-op? An old friend and Steering committee member, Julia Koprak, sent me a message suggesting I attend an Outreach meeting since she knew it was something I'd be interested in. After seeing the passion the members already had at that early stage of the game I was hooked. Why do you want a food co-op in South Philly? It was food that originally brought me to South Philly. I'd lived all over the city but after an amazingly enjoyable weekend stuffing myself at the Italian Market Festival a number of years ago I knew that South Philly was where I wanted to make my home. My original motivation in joining the co-op was to further improve our local food situation by bringing better access to high quality food to South Philly. While we our blessed with amazing restaurants, sandwich shops and delis, great ethnic shopping options (be it some of the quite good corner stores or the Asian supermarkets), sometimes it can be difficult or expensive to find simple, healthy, and fresh options in South Philly. As my involvement with the co-op has deepened I've also come to realize that the food co-op is an amazing way to connect with members of the community that I might otherwise never get to know. Why should people join a food co-op? Let's build our community while we increase our food security and improve the health of our environment and our neighbors. What is your favorite meal to cook and why? I have to admit, I rarely cook, because I am blessed with a wife who cooks as well or better than my skilled mother and grandmother. Though I was the only kid who said he wanted to be a chef on the first day of kindergarten I've graduated in adulthood to dishwasher-in-chief and lead taste tester. In my college years I did make a mean bowl of fancied up ramen.