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Member-Owners in the News: Albert Yee

If you've been to any of our events in the past year or so you've probably been captured by the astute lens of the Co-op's unofficial, official photographer, Albert Yee. Albert's work shows up all over the internet and in various publications in the city including the latest issue of Grid which features his black and white power portraits of the mayor's "Green Team." In fact, if you came to this blog through the home page of our website, you were probably greeted by one of my favorite of Albert's photos depicting some of our members having a characteristically good time at an event we had at The Wishing Well (a Shop South Philly business). Well in this article of Philadelphia Weekly (h/t Communications Committee member and member-owner Carolyn Huckabay for pointing this article out), we learn that Albert has decided to take his talents full-time to the world of professional photography. We're just glad to say "we knew him when" and hopefully we can get his autograph on a few of these Co-op pics before he gets all Annie Leibovitz-big on us.