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Board Candidate 2019

What's your name? Palmer Marinelli

Why is the Co-op important to you? My life is about food, and the power it provides. To me, food is the great unifier, and any community hub must serve that end as well. At the same time, we all have a personal responsibility to do right in matters that are greater than us. The inclusionary model, the ability to put the needs of consumers first, can help make this type of conscious decision making more natural. I look forward to walking down to the Co-op with my infant daughter and have her see a good model, grow up with a good model, and because of that make good food choices through out her life.

When did you join, and (if applicable), how have you been involved? I joined the Co-op in March 2019. I am a new member to the Co-op, but an excited one.

How will your experience, skills, or unique perspectives strengthen the Co-op board? I have lived and worked with food in different cultures, with different objectives. I am a cook by profession, have a master's degree in Food Sovereignty, and write and research about sustainable and traditional foodways. My local sustainable food network is vast, and I hope to be able to help guide the Co-op along the balancing act of sustaining people in our neighborhood and the environment around us.