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Seeking Nominees for Board Election This Spring

This spring the Co-op will be holding an election to fill six (6) seats on the Board of Directors and any member can put themselves forward as a candidate for one of those seats.  This includes YOU! We need the involvement of dedicated member owners to guide the functions of the Co-op as a whole and provide a diverse set of perspectives on its decisions. One of the most important features of the South Philly Food Co-op is that it is a community-owned and -controlled enterprise, whose member-owners have the power to make decisions about how it will be run. Members exercise that decision-making power through a 11-person elected board of directors. If you're a member in good standing and you want to play a HUGE part in getting the Co-op to opening day, you can nominate yourself to run for the board. The board represents the different neighborhoods, families, backgrounds, and ideals of the community that the Co-op seeks to serve.   We are looking for member-owners that have been involved in the past but are ready to take on more of a leadership role. Below are the requirements for candidacy.
The elections will be held at the Spring General Membership meeting in May, 2013. Candidates must meet the following requirements to be placed on the ballot:
  • Member of shareholding household for at least 8 months prior to election
  • At least 18 years of age
  • In good standing re: equity
  • Prior Attendance at a General Membership Meeting
  • Prior Attendance at a Committee Meeting
  • Not associated with interests contrary to general interests of the South Philly Food Co-op
All nomination forms (available below) must be submitted no later than 5 pm, Saturday, March 2, 2013. Please email the completed form with answers to the questions below to Aubrey Jones (jonesa2 (at) You’ll receive email confirmation that your application was received via email within 24 hours. Forms may also be mailed and postmarked by March 2, 2013 to: South Philly Food Co-op Attn: Leadership Committee PO Box 31506 Philadelphia, PA 19147 Please answer the following questions separately. Your entire response to all three questions MUST NOT EXCEED 250 WORDS (not counting the questions). 251 words and your final nomination will be rejected.
  1. Why is the South Philly Food Co-op important to you?
  2. What has been your involvement with the Co-op to date?
  3. How will your experience, skills, or unique perspectives strengthen the Co-op Board?
Please provide names and signatures of 15 South Philly Food Co-op member owners in support of your nomination. If you submit your form via email, please attach a scanned copy of the required signatures along with your essay. Click this link to download a .pdf or this link to download a .docx of the nomination form.