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2022 Accomplishments

What a wonderful year of accomplishments we had in 2022:

We supported 12 incredible community organizations with over $2,500 in donations via our Round Up at the Register program, all of which we're keeping in touch with and continuing to support in various ways. If there is an organization you'd like to see join our Round Up program in 2023, please let us know.

We brought in 33 new local brands on our shelves increasing local product sales by 43%. We highlighted all of them in our local producer e-zine (

We continued to grow our Shop South Philly Program which is currently over 40 local businesses strong. We encourage our members to support these businesses by offering deals and discounts that are only available to SPFC members. If you're a local store interested in joining our program, please send us a DM! We'd love to support you and amplify you on our platforms.

We went on a field trip to Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op and had a community volunteer day at Novick Urban Farm.

We held 6 Owner Appreciation Days and partnered with dozens of local producers to make them all a big success!

We held over a dozen community events — kids art contests, mural making workshops, cooking classes, volunteer days, composting workshops, donut decorating events, and so many more! If you have any ideas for events in 2023, please reach out. 

Our sales program grew significantly in both grocery and produce... including lots of owner sales! We plan on keeping this going next year.

We supported many community organizations via food & gift drives, pumpkin decorating, Susan's lemonade stand, Taylor & Ash's holiday cards, and more!

We displayed lots of artwork on our walls thanks to the kids in our community and the students next door at Southern.

We had more holiday products on our shelves than ever before throughout the year. We even more than doubled the number of turkeys we sold this year from last year! If there’s a holiday item you'd like to see that we didn't carry, please send us a note. 

We completed the community mural on our back wall thanks to artist, Danielle

We welcomed in 166 new member-owners, raised over $45k in new owner equity and other community capital. We still need to raise $13K to reach our working capital needs. Consider joining, adding equity, or gifting a membership to your favorite local foods enthusiast this year! 

We were approved as NCG (National Co-op Grocers) members! This is a HUGE accomplishment in itself. You'll be seeing more about this in the new year. 

We're so proud of how far we've come and recognize that we couldn't have done it without our staff and community. Thank you, everyone, for helping us use Food as a Force for Good this year. We can't wait to see what 2023 brings for our store!