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Soup Swap V: There Will Be Broth


Who needs 6 quarts of homemade soup to get through the winter's cold? WE DO! Soup Swap V is in effect, January 2015 edition.

Here's all you need to know about the Soup Swap:

1. Choose your favorite FREEZABLE soup recipe (read more about freezing soup here). Chili is acceptable.

2. Make enough soup to COMPLETELY fill six 1-quart containers. (This will likely require you to make 2 - 4 batches.)

3. Divide soup into six 1-quart gladware-type containers (ie, disposable, b/c you will not get them back, but you will get 6 replacements). Let the soup cool to room temperature.

4. Label each quart with the type of soup and whether or not it is vegetarian/vegan. Place soup quarts in the freezer.

5. Make a bunch of copies of your recipe.

6. Grab a bottle of wine or a tasty appetizer to share and show up at 5:00 pm on Sunday, January 25th.

7. Upon arrival, you will pick a number. Your number corresponds to the order in which you select your soup. The draft will snake around - in other words, when we arrive at the last number, that person will start the second round and we will pick in reverse order.

8. We will do a brief intro and description of soups and then promptly at 6 pm, we will start the draft.

9. Collect as many recipe copies as you like.


- Store/restaurant-bought soup is not allowed in this swap. Cheaters will be heckled and thrown out of the draft.

- If you can't cook or don't dig on soup, or if you are the partner/spouse of someone who is cooking the soup, feel free to come by to witness the soup drafting frenzy. You can also pair up with a friend, make soup together, and then split up your swap. We have room for about 10 "Observers" so please follow this link to get a free "Observer" ticket.

- Swappers must also register for a ticket!! We have a more limited amount of space for Swappers so get your ticket quickly.

Also, closer to the date, please be sure to post on our Facebook Event page or Ticketleap page what type of soup you are bringing (and if it is vegetarian/vegan). It helps avoid too many duplications.  

- If you are unable to attend, but are desperate to participate, you may draft by proxy, either by sending a representative or by dropping off soup ahead of time and trusting (yikes) us to draft for you. Note, the soup goods must be delivered in order to draft. No soup, no draft.

- If you discover 4 or 5 days in advance that you can't make it and won't be dropping off any soup, please let us know so we can offer your spot up to someone else.

Come at 5:00pm for snacks and drinks, swapping starts at 6pm.

January 25, 2015 at 5:00pm - 7pm
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1932 S 12th St
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United States
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