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A Message from Tanya Seaman

Dear Friends,

One of the issues that I’m passionate about is local commerce, and specifically, local food. While it is easy to connect with people all over the world these days, supporting businesses near to where we live is very important. It strengthens our ties to people living right near us, it strengthens our economy by supporting local businesses rather than large national ones, and supports sustainability goals by reducing our carbon footprints. I personally like to keep my “foodprint” small.

This is one of the many reasons I joined the South Philly Food Co-op years ago as a member-owner, during the early startup days. The Co-op recently invited me to join the Board during this important year, and I am thrilled to be on the team as we close our fundraising gap to actually open the store within the next year. We want to raise enough cash before we open for business so that we can responsibly cover our initial startup costs – construction, equipment, products on the shelves, staffing, etc.

OnionSkin Bulk Bags

So, as a new board member, I am reaching out to my friends who are interested in supporting a project like this. The Co-op has a goal of raising $60,000 and signing up 60 new members from September to October, and we are over halfway there. I would like to do my part, and I’d love it if you could be part of my effort by helping me raise $500 before the end of October.

What’s in it for you? In addition to helping open South Philadelphia’s only community-owned grocery store, I’m offering everyone who donates $50 or more to my campaign the chance to win your very own set of cloth bulk-bin shopping bags. Donations of all sizes are welcome and are deeply appreciated; only those who give $50 or more will be eligible to win this set of bulk bags.

What are these? These are little cloth bags I have made for myself and use instead of the plastic bags offered in grocery stores for filling with bulk-bin items – like cereal, rice, lentils, etc. (I also use them at the farmers market for produce.) They are very durable! I made my own set about 25 years ago out of some white cotton sheets, and recently dyed them in fun patterns with onion skins; they will last me the rest of my shopping days. Offering a brand-new set of these bags is part of my effort to help make it easy for folks to live without plastic and other single-use items. (I will be dyeing the fabric and sewing a new set for whichever of you wins my little raffle!) If you donate at least $50 to my little campaign, you will have the chance to win your very own set of five bags.

Thank you for helping us bring the South Philly Food Co-op to life! You can make your donation right here on our website.

In gratitude,