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There Was Broth! And vegetables and meat...

This past Sunday the South Philly Food Co-op hosted its fifth (!) Soup Swap, or, as Hollywood called it - Soup Swap V: There Will Be Broth! Ten Swappers and a few really-have-a-thing-for-soup observers gathered at the home of Co-op Programs and Events Committee Co-Chair Sarah Radcliffe for a draft as intense and suspenseful as any fantasy football draft.

After an hour or so catching up with fellow Co-op members and welcoming new residents to South Philadelphia, Swappers picked their draft position from the traditional Soup Swap hat. Co-op member Molly Harrar won the honor of first pick in the draft selecting a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, taste-FULL sesame tomato soup.

The draft proceeded rapidly from there as each Swapper ended up with a variety of six different soups to get them through the next several over-hyped "snow-mageddons." 

A few photos of the event are available on our Flickr page:

For anyone who wasn't able to make it, despair not! Soup Swap will return soon in Soup Swap VI: The Quest for Peas!