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Update: Earn $20 for us by switching to clean, local, member-owned electricity supply

Once again South Philly Food Co-op is participating in The Energy Co-op's Referral Rewards program. This proved to be a very successful fund raising effort for us last year, earning us $20 for each household who switched their energy supplier over to The Energy Co-op. We also helped to turn dozens of people on to the benefits of a cooperatively owned energy supplier. (Full disclosure: one of those households was my own.) They Energy Co-op is a member-owned, nonprofit cooperative. (Sound familiar?) This means that they operate for the benefit their members, not outside stakeholders or investors. They consist of a member-elected board, paid staff and over 7600 consumers in the five-county area. This year they are opening up the Referral Rewards opportunity to 10 community organizations including your own South Philly Food Co-op. The program will be a little shorter - July and August - so you have a little less time to make your decision.  If you join The Energy Co-op during those months AND mention the South Philly Food Co-op as your referral, The Energy Co-op will donate $20 to us. So if you've already been considering making the switch, just wait a couple more days and be sure to mention us as your referral. And if you've never heard of The Energy Co-op or don't know what it means to switch your electricity supplier, check out their website for more info (but remember... the South Philly Food Co-op sent you there!).