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We Did It!

At tonight's membership meeting, South Philly Food Co-op Board of Directors President Alison Fritz (wow, that's a long title!) announced to the assembled member-owners that we had achieved our first goal of 250 member owners and, in fact, that as of tonight we are at 254! So let's take a moment to savor that. Okay. Moment's over. Back to work. Reaching 250 officially puts at the end of Stage 1 - Organizing. We now move on to Stage 2a - Feasibility - during which we will convene a real estate committee to begin evaluating potential sites, start investigating financing options, begin drafting a member loan campaign, and write a comprehensive business plan. That stage will end when we reach our next goal of 400 member-owners. The good news, is we're only 148 away from that! Piece of cake. On behalf of the Board, committee members, volunteers, outside advisers, and everyone who has been involved with getting us to this point - thank you! Now it's on to 400. (If the first 250 are called the Founding Members, what should we call the next 150?!)