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How to Add Your $100

Dear Member-Owner, 

We are inspired and heartened! On 10/1, our member-ownership voted "yes" to a plan that will raise $20K for the co-op right away and strengthen us over the long haul. Since then, 105 member-owners have invested $10K in additional equity by each pitching in $100! If you invested, we cannot thank you enough!  We are so grateful for all of the support that is pouring in!

We need 100 additional existing member-owners to step forward and add $100* today! If you can't add $100 now, do what you can.  Please read on to learn how to make your investment. This blog post is for YOU.  

Our combined investments will make a huge impact on our local food economy and it's proof positive of how strong we are when we come together to meet our common needs, goals, and aspirations! This FAQ outlines why your support is so important at this time. But to keep it brief...together we are "a force for good" in our local food system and we need your support every step of the way from investing to patronizing our store when it opens in a few weeks! 

One of the main questions we have been getting is how to log in to pay. If you are having any issues with that, like I said this blog post was written for you! 

Here are a series of steps to try:

  1. click on this link
  2. sign in using the email address where you receive co-op emails (click reset password if you don't remember your log-in)
  3. once you're logged in, click the link in step 1 again to get to the My Equity page
  4. you should then see a screen that shows your prior investment(s) 
  5. there will be a button at the bottom to click to add equity (if you don't see a button, there will  be a link at the bottom of the table that shows what you have invested, "equity owed" or similar), click that and it will take you to a form to select the number of installments you want to pay in and then you will be routed to paypal to pay.

If these don't work email [email protected] and Nat can help you out.  

Thank you so much for your support! Together we are going to raise the final equity we need to open our store, after ten years of hard work. I can't wait and I know you're there with me!