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2020 Ballot Results

Dear Member-Owners,
On behalf of everyone on the South Philly Food Co-op team, I'd like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who participated in our fall 2020 elections by voting and to everyone who attended our Fall GMM on Thursday, 10/01/2020.  It was a record breaking event with a total of 305 households voting and over 156 households registered to attend the GMM with 74 joining by Zoom and others joining via our livestream on facebook. We are thankful for your support! 

All motions were approved. 

Here is the tally: 

Question #1
Motion to adopt the Board recommended revised bylaws

Vote In Favor - adopt revised bylaws 287
Vote Against 6
Abstain (default if nothing selected) 12
Question #2
Motion to approve Fall 2019 minutes

Vote In Favor - approve minutes 266
Vote Against 0
Abstain (default if nothing selected) 36
Question #3
Motion to approve Spring 2020 minutes

Vote In Favor - approve minutes 263
Vote Against 0
Abstain (default if nothing selected) 35
Question #4
Motion to adopt the Board recommended increase to our equity share price

Vote In Favor - increase equity share price 250
Vote Against 44
Abstain (default if nothing selected) 11

Our updated bylaws can be found here.

Here is an FAQ document on why the owner share price was changed from $200 to $300. 

Later today, Friday, October 2nd, we will be sending out information about how existing owners can add their $100 in additional equity to bring their share up to $300 and how new members can join for $300. We will offer an abundance of options including extended installment plans (and a grace period for existing member-owners those that need time to begin making installments toward that additional $100). Those who are member-owners through our Community Equity Fund will see no change. Again, stay tuned for more information. Thank you everyone for your support! 

In Cooperation, 

Chad Hooper, Board President

Lori Burge, General Manager