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Message from the President: It's always a good time to become a member!

Almost exactly one month ago, I wrote about how important it was for us to reach 250 member-owner households. Admittedly, I was a little nervous when the immediate response was six "unsubscribes" from the email list. But a day or two later, the new member-owner applications and payments came rolling in. Since then nearly 20 people answered that call and helped boost us from 86 to the 104 member-owner households we have today. If we have any shot at achieving our near-term goal of 250 in 6 months (by the first day of Spring 2012), then we need you to become one of our 250 Founding Members. The full member equity amount is $200 (that's it... for life) and can be paid in small installments over the next 15 months. Thank you to everyone who has already become a member and to our many wonderful committee members and volunteers. On behalf of the Board and our committees I also want to extend a special note of thanks to the The Energy Cooperative and everyone who mentioned the South Philly Food Co-op when they switched to locally produced, cooperatively owned, renewable energy. For the twenty-six referrals, The Energy Cooperative is donating $520 to us. That's as close to a win-win-win situation as you're going to get! We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the member-owner meeting on the 17th. Remember, the sooner you become a member-owner, the sooner we can start the process of looking for a location! And if you need some inspiration as autumn marches on and days get shorter, check out the video below and remind yourself why you want a cooperatively owned grocery store in your neighborhood. Sincerely, Alison L. Fritz President, Board of Directors, South Philly Food Co-op [youtube]