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General Membership Meeting Spring 2020

The Spring General Membership meeting will be taking place by web conference this year via Zoom. You can find the agenda here. RSVP for a link to the Zoom meeting!

The 2020 election of the Board of Directors will take place virtually this year via Helios, a secure online voting tool, in the two weeks leading up to our Spring General Membership Meeting.

May 28, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Zoom - RSVP to get the link!
Lori ·
Denise Marx Zach Goldberg Rebecca Wanner Ann Marie Campbell Crystal Pang Colleen Forshee Carol Urovsky Lindy Quick Wanda Johnson Julia Kerr Misha Rodriguez Samantha Giglio Rebecca Geiger Roberta Heydenberk Theresa Timlin Bridget Everman jason kourkounis Martha Palubniak Jaclyn Boone Leigh Goldenberg Maria Hering Hillary Rea Caroline Green Carolyn Huckabay Elly Shapiro Stella Buccella Anamika Gavhane Daria Silvestro Sue Wright Kyle Zieba Jessica Gath Kristin Vessio Ken Pezanowski Beth Anne Lutes Eliza Kinsey Matt Conner Ida Wiener Moss Christopher Repinski Anthony Procik Douglas OMalley Kaki Short Ruth Yaskin Caitlin ONeill Michael Ceriello Stephanie Zbikowski David Langlieb Natalee Cauldwell Emily Wyner

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