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Call out to urban farmers and gardeners to help a community in need

Adam Forbes at the Nationalities Service Center's Refugee Urban Farm Project sent put out a request for donations (of produce) that we are happy to pass along. NSC is setting up a loose gleaning/food distribution network for our refugee families in South Philadelphia. The Growing Home Community Gardens are a great community space and have provided a lot of fresh food to the Bhutanese and Burmese refugees. (To read more about them and to see a picture of the garden at 700 Emily Street in action check out this South Philly Review article from a few weeks ago). Unfortunately, they can only grow so much produce on their small lots and the families are desperate for more produce. If any of you urban farmers or gardeners out there happen to end up with a lot of extra produce that you can't sell or donate - please consider donating it to the Bhutanese and Burmese families! They already gleaned some holey greens, turnips, extra squash and hot peppers from other farms and it has gone very well. Please contact Adam at forbesfarmer (at) if you have any questions or would ever be willing to donate produce that you grew. He could arrange to come pick it up from you. The Growing Home Garden is among the many gardens we are in conversations with to be part of the South Philly Food Co-op 2011 Garden Tour on September 10 (mark your calendar... more info to follow). Please consider supporting them any way you can.