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Co-op Speaker Series Presents: Chard Over Cheetos on 3/28

Chard Over Cheetos: Fostering Healthy Food Choices in an Era of Junk

A panel discussion with:
Kenji Tabery, Healthy Corner Store Initiative, The Food Trust
Charles Matthews, Rebel Ventures, Urban Nutrition Initiative (to be confirmed)
Tia McDonald, Vetri Foundation for Children

Thursday, March 28, 2013
6:00-7:30 p.m.
South Philadelphia Branch of the Free Library, Broad and Morris Streets



Experience National Nutrition Month at the Free Library of Philadelphia!

In an age where more than two-thirds of the nation is overweight or obese, type-2 “adult onset” diabetes is striking children, and health care costs are skyrocketing, the need to develop healthy eating habits in our communities is more urgent than ever. But spreading the gospel of health and wellness is an uphill battle, especially when the areas most at risk are places where healthy food choices are most inaccessible. Despite the challenges, there is progress being made towards a healthier reality for many Philadelphia neighborhoods, especially when it comes to kids. In honor of National Nutrition Month, the South Philly Food Co-op and the Free Library of Philadelphia are pleased to welcome a panel of experienced game changes to highlight some of the innovative efforts from across the city to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

We hope you’ll join us as we hear from a few of the amazing folks that are out on the street making healthy food choices available to everyone. We’ll hear from Kenji Tabery, program manager from the Food Trust’s Healthy Corner Store Initiative, which is leading the nation in its efforts to bring fresh food to corner stores in underserved neighborhoods. From the Vetri Foundation for Children, which is turning the lunchroom from a junk food gym into a real deal dining room, Chef Tia McDonald will give us her perspective on helping kids eat great, five days a week. Fresh food is so hot the kids are doing it too – we’ll also be joined by Charles Matthews, a 10th grader from West Philadelphia who is working to run Rebel Ventures, a business venture of Penn’s Urban Nutrition Initiative, producing homemade granola bars to sell to fellow students.

The Co-op is very excited to hear from this great group and we hope that you’ll join us to explore the challenges and rewards of switching Cheetos for chard!

Rebellious refreshments will be served.