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Food, Justice, Equity -- A Co-op for All South Philly

Co-operators around the world are celebrating the theme of inclusion today during the United Nations International Day of Co-operatives

No One Left Behind

Our goal as the South Philly Food Co-op is truly to be be a hub for community and food-centric education, south of South, river to river--and that means ensuring that the South Philly Food Co-op is an accessible, welcoming, and valuable community institution.

Our recently convened Food Justice and Equity Committee, is leading this charge through our Co-op Community Accountability, Responsiveness, and Equity (CARE) Initiative.

We are listening to community groups and leaders to better understand potential barriers to being a customer or member-owner of the Co-op and gain perspective on how we can support wider inclusion and participation. The committee is also seeking to engage more businesses owned by women, people of color, and immigrants to the Shop South Philly program, recruit candidates for the Board of Directors who are representative of the community, and provide ongoing education to the Co-op community about cooperative enterprise and its role in economic empowerment and anti-racist efforts.

If you are interested in volunteering with this or any of our volunteer committees, fill out our volunteer form!


Last week, board member Leigh Goldenberg and our capital campaign manager Cate Murray went on Facebook Live to answer questions about the Co-op and the Capital Campaign.

The campaign, which kicked off just over a month ago is in great shape! Thanks to our supporters we've received $25,000 in member loan pledges just since Thursday! We've had some wonderful and inspiring conversations with our member-owners about our member loan program

Facebook Live

If you aren't already a member-owner, it's easy to join online. If you have questions about the store--at 2031 S. Juniper Street--or the Capital Campaign, you can find a lot of information on our website, or you can always email [email protected].

Thanks for all that you do.