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From Our Inbox: Gluten-Free Options in South Philly

We occasionally get questions through the Contact page on our website and have decided that rather than keep the answers between us and the questioner, we'd share the them with everyone in a new feature we're calling From Our Inbox. (Got a more clever name? We're all ears...) So let's kick this off with... Q: I’m new to the area... just moved to South Philly from the suburbs, and don’t know too many people/restaurants. Can you recommend any restaurants/stores that offer a decent alternative (i.e. gluten free) menu? - New to the Hood A: First of all, welcome to the neighborhood! With a member-owner count that is growing by the day, we can introduce you to a few hundred new people. And we can definitely suggest a start-up Co-op for you to join! To find out the answer to your question we checked in with the Gluten Free Warrior, Genevieve Sharrow MS, CN, and asked her about her favorite gluten free (GF) friendly eating spots in South Philly. Geneveive suggests: B2 has GF bread for sandwiches P.O.P.E. also has GF rolls/bread for burgers and such and their menu is relatively GF Adobe Mexican Cafe is GF friendly Cantina Los Caballitos is also GF friendly Also, several member-owners have said good things about the new bakery called "TOTÉ" on 9th street in the Italian market. If you are interested in learning more about a GF eating or want to meet up with other GF folks, check out the local GF MeetUp Group. Check back regularly for more From Our Inbox featured questions.