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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you are wrapping it up at work and heading home to your loved ones. 

I just wanted to quickly pop in and say that we had a great time on Sunday, devouring tons of sweets.

The talented Chef Chad Durkin showed us how to make whoopie pies and an adult chocolate milk.  All throughout the demo, he shared great tips such as ways to "repurpose" ingredients -using beet juice to dye red velvet cake, infusing vodka with coffee beans to make fun cocktails, and creating your own vanilla extract by submerging vanilla bean pods in bourbon or rum.

Martin Brown, from Little Baby's Ice Cream, was also there serving up some delicious chipotle chocolate ice cream and vegan ice cream made from coconut milk, chocolate and peanut chews (who knew peanut chews were vegan?).

Thanks to Albert Yee who was there to capture it all for us!