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Kensington Community Food Co-op featured in "Eyes on the Street"

Our good friends at the Kensington Community Food Co-op got a great piece featured about themselves on's "Eyes on the Street" blog. Kensington is well on their way to getting the member base they'll need to open up their store. In the meantime, they've made the campaign for high quality, healthy, sustainably produced food into an exciting development of their neighborhood. And since Kensington's Brian Baughan put it so well in the piece, I think I'll just share his thoughts on how the co-op will benefit their neighborhood:
How can our collective efforts benefit Kensington? A cooperative grocery store would be a sign of our community’s self-reliance and proof that neighborhood development is possible without big-government assistance or mega-chain investments. It would mean we can help drive the local economy and connect liked-minded businesses (we already have a Shop Local through which members get discounts for patronizing local businesses). Just as important, it would mean we can enjoy the simple pleasures that go with buying and eating fresh food at a neighborhood store.
I really like that part about neighborhood development! So when it comes to why a Co-op will be good for South Philly, today I'm just going to say... what Brian said! Have a good weekend everyone! Or... have a great weekend and become one of our 250 Founding Members. Click here to join!