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Meet Marsha Shiflet

This month we started a new series called “Meet a Member Owner”.  You’ll hear more about why your neighbors decided to join us.
Meet Marsha Shiflet!

What do you do for a living? Currently, I'm retired.  I've had lifetimes as a community organizer, grant writer, trainer, project manager, insurance salesperson, landlord and business owner - in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Do you have a nickname? Many, including "Marsha Fall-Down" but my favorite is "Grandmom". How did you hear about the food co-op?  I saw a sign for the very first meeting over a year ago, and I guess it stirred my social work roots, the rest is history! Why did you join the food co-op? My good friend Sylvia Carter is a founding member of Weaver's Way, and encouraged me to attend the first South Philly Food Co-op meeting because she thought my skill set would be helpful.  I landed on the Steering Committee and stayed on it until the Board elections in July.  What a great group of people!  I put my money where my mouth is because I believe this will be a great thing for the South Philadelphia community.   Although many of us older folk are not dissatisfied with the shopping opportunities in this area, a food co-op will give us so much more.  This area is a real melting pot, and the opportunity to be a part of bringing the various neighborhoods and cultures together via food is very appealing. How long have you lived in South Philly?  Over 30 years.  My husband, Bob Santoro, was born and raised here. Which neighborhood of South Philly do you live in? A terrific little enclave sometimes referred to as the triangle, between Passyunk and Broad, Moore and McKean. What do you like best about your neighborhood? We have had a HUGE influx of young, vibrant people over the last several years. They have meshed well with the old-timers, and our area is full of life, neighborhood activities, babies and dogs. What is your favorite meal to cook and why? Large amounts of anything! Our social life revolves around food, and I particularly enjoy making large batches of my favorite recipes and bringing people around the table, especially for holidays (although we do it on a daily basis as well!). What are your favorite products? Local and fresh, high quality products especially imported from Italy!  Honey Crisp or Pink Lady? Actually, Gala or Braeburn Kale or Collards? KALE!  I was introduced to kale chips at a Steering Committee meeting and have become addicted. Bacon or Sausage? Bacon, although my husband's sausage sandwiches with broccoli rabe or pickled eggplant on good South Philly rolls are hard to resist! Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? How can you even ASK? 85% dark, of course!
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