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Sarah's Garden: Bulbs

This year I am going to plant some bulbs for spring.  I didn't do this last year because all my planting spaces were filled up with vegetables.  I did it the year before, though, and it was very nice to look out in the early spring and see little flowers coming up through the winter drab. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Daffodils my daffodils two springs ago[/caption] It's still too early for bulb planting - you need to wait until around the first frost or later.  Two years ago I actually planted my bulbs in January (shhhh) and they still came up nicely a few months later.  You just don't want to plant them while it's still warm out because the bulbs will start to grow and then the frost will kill them.  And you don't want to plant when the ground is frozen solid because...I think you all can figure that one out.  But you do need to let them winter over underground and then they will start growing when the weather turns warmer in the spring. Although daffodils and tulips seem to be the most prevalent bulbs out there, you could also choose to plant only bulbs of plants that sound like something four year old Sarah, who only wore pink, would make up:  snowdrops, snowflakes, starflowers... So this time I'm going for a mix, with daffodils (all yellow only, none of this yellow and white or orange crap), crocuses, snowflakes, starflowers, blue squill and some winter aconite.  And I think that's about all I'll have room for, unless I find some of these giant snowdrops, Galanthus elwesii, and then I will find a way to fit those in.