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Sarah's Garden: Tomato Time!

It's that great time of year when we get to enjoy the literal fruits of our labors:  lots and lots of tomatoes!

photo.JPG a day's harvest

I know this black krim is not  I was going to let it ripen on the counter for a few days before eating it (I thought to myself), but then my boyfriend cut it up and served it for dinner that night.  It was delicious and I'm never one to complain about being made dinner but next time I will tell him my plan instead of just thinking it.  You know, communication.  Hey maybe I should start a relationship blog!  JUST KIDDING.

Lastly, I've been enjoying lots of really sweet blackberries from a plant I got from the nursery at Bartram's Garden:


They are really plump and really good.  Sometimes blackberries are too...hard? for me but these just melt in your mouth.  Also the plant is thornless which is nice considering I planted it right in the middle of my yard and frequently have to push its branches out of the way to get around it.