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Sarah's Garden Week 24: More Tomatoes!

Look what I found!

More tomatoes!  These are beefsteaks, again, but my smaller, pickier beauty queens are also getting tomatoes.  I'm pretty excited - I saw more flowers but kind of thought that it would be too cold for them and they'd die.  Then I remembered that I live in Philadelphia where spring and fall are marvelous seasons and not full of snow (I'm looking at you, Massachusetts.)  In fact, the first frost for Philadelphia isn't usually until the end of October!  Compare that with this, written almost a month ago.  Suckers!

In other veggie news, my chard is getting big!

Though I feel like baby chard would be delicious I think I'm going to wait it out and see how big these get.  I know I've said this before but I just love their bright little red stems.

Lastly, I'd like to show off this lovely one:

This is kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate and it is lovely and tall and easy to care for and hasn't stopped blooming for over a month.  Awesome!  In addition to adding some nice pink color it is also tall so it breaks up the monotony of plants that are all the same height (cough cough tomatoes cough.)  I like you, kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, I just wish you had a slightly less ridiculous name.

Not to end on a sad note garden did not win anything in the PHS City Gardens Contest.  Just like college, there was a small, thin envelope in the mail a few weeks ago with a return address from PHS and I knew the news was bad even before I opened it.  Lo and behold it was a nicely written "rejection" letter and I was kind of sad about it.  Not that I thought my garden would win - I knew there were bigger and better gardens out there - but I thought my garden's uniqueness (maybe "weirdness" is a more appropriate word) would win me some points.  Anyway there is always next year...

Sarah DeGiorgis has lived in Philly for five years and is finally starting to feel like a true Philadelphian, though she still detests cheesesteaks.  She enjoys reading, watching bad tv, eating and cooking good food and digging in the dirt. Catch up with her continuing efforts to grow food in South Philly by clicking here.