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Why Is The Real Estate Committee So Sad?

Sad RE Committee The following is by Megan Kiesel, chair of the South Philly Food Co-op Real Estate Committee. We're usually a happy bunch!  I swear! But these days the Co-op Real Estate Committee has been a bit blue.  Why?  We are ready to start looking for a space for our new neighborhood co-op, however, the Co-op market study tells us that we shouldn't secure a location until we have 400 members.  We only have about 340. We've been working hard the last couple of months.  We developed a checklist to help us compare and assess potential locations.  We met with folks around Philly who might be able to help us find space.  We also interviewed members of real estate committees at other co-ops to learn some best practices.  We know our membership committee is working hard, too.  I can barely leave my house without running into a Co-op volunteer with a map and clipboard asking me if I've joined yet. We are ready!  We are excited!  We want to find the perfect space for the South Philly Food Co-op! So, where are the last 60+ members that we need to get this party started?  If you are reading this, and you are not yet a Co-op member, IT'S YOU!  Are you excited about the Co-op but you keep forgetting to sign up?  (Click here!  Click here!).  Are you unable to part with the $200 membership dues?  (You know we offer payment plans, right?).  Or are you holding out to see where we put the co-op before you commit?  (We know all about you guys!)   That's just the thing, you see -- we can't put the store anywhere until all of you join us. So what do you think?  Is 2013 the year the South Philly Food Co-op finds its home? Click here to make the Real Estate Committee smile again! Editor's Note: Having just gotten 7 new members over the past week, the Co-op is on track again to making the Real Estate Committee happy but we need to keep that momentum going. Sign up today!