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Delightful, Delicious, De Bucks County

You know how sometimes, at parties, it takes a little while and some critical mass until folks start to feel comfortable filling their plates and glasses? Not at Terroir of Pennsylvania: Ideas for Hosting Local this past Sunday. South Philadelphians know the goods when they see them!

Cheers (but actually) to Buckingham Valley Vineyards and Winery for offering a wide sampling of their red, white, and dessert wines. (Dessert will never be the same without their blackberry wine.) And to the Philly Muffin on which we placed our local cheeses, both hard and soft: we'll be back for you.

Many thanks to Programs and Events Committee Co-chair Sarah Radcliffe for hosting over 30 member-owners, neighbors, and friends at this sharing of sips and tips on our region's finest wines, cheeses, and breads. A schmooze-y and booze-y time was had by all!

Take a look at Sunday's impressive spread in our Flick set below:

PS Have you ever thought about putting rosemary in your homemade apple butter? Member-owner Emily Kohlhas did, and our stomachs were very grateful as a result.