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Food Justice and Equity

The Food Justice and Equity Committee seeks to ensure that the South Philly Food Co-op is an accessible, welcoming, and valuable community institution for the widest range of neighborhood residents and stakeholders possible. Primarily in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors, the Food Justice and Equity Committee will make recommendations for and drive implementation of policies, programs, and initiatives that support this vision.

The Food Justice and Equity Committee will be convened on a monthly basis.

Early goals include:
  • Conduct the Co-op CARE Initiative with community groups and leaders to understand the barriers to being a customer and/or member-owner of the Co-op and perspectives on how to mitigate them; learn about the myriad ways the Co-op could be a programmatic resource to various communities and organizations in South Philly; assess the level of cultural and linguistic accessibility of the Co-op; make recommendations to the Board to improve in all of these areas, based on the findings.
  • Develop the long-term purpose, goals, and governance of the committee, codify them in writing, and seek Board approval for FY 18 in the form of the adoption of a resolution or amendment to the bylaws to recognize the Committee's existence.
  • Inform goals and priorities to guide the hiring of a General Manager.
  • Engage more businesses owned by women, people of color, and immigrants in the Shop South Philly Program.
  • Recruit candidates for the South Philly Food Co-op’s Board of Directors who are representative of the community.
  • Provide ongoing education to the Co-op community about the cooperative enterprise and its role in economic empowerment and anti-racist efforts.

If you are interested in participating in the Food, Justice and Equity Committee, please fill out our volunteer survey.