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Meet the lucky member-owner who got to see Dave Matthews Band

Congratulations to Zack Hartman. Zack was the lucky Co-op member who won tickets to the Dave Matthews Band concert on June 26. We will continue to pass along opportunities like this to Co-op members as a way of saying thank you and to get some of our many "not-yet" members (you know who you are!) to make the switch and become member-owners. With just 130 more member-owners we will take it to the bank and begin to line up the financing we need to fit out a location, do some hiring and put food on the shelves!

So let's get on it! If you have any people whom you think would be ripe for recruitment into the ranks of member-ownership, let us know and we'll set you up with so much good information that your friend or family member will practically be begging to join.

And who knows... maybe you will be the lucky winner in whatever our next drawing is!