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Metropolis report on Philly's "New Food Economy"

Former Inquirer columnist and current new media guru Tom Ferrick has been running the news website Metropolis for some time now. Metropolis is a great mix of hard news, political analysis and cultural and lifestyle pieces by a number of contributors. And it's all local. This week, reporter Elise Vider profiles the plethora of new food companies that are springing up all over the city. Working in facilities like shared kitchens or in their own kitchens, these innovative small businesses are following the mantra of keeping it local and finding varying degrees of success. Of course, we co-op'ers love anything local and look forward to a time when the South Philly Food Co-op can be yet another outlet - along with Weaver's Way, Mariposa, the Kensington Community Food Co-op, specialty stores and even - really - supermarkets - for these local food makers. If you are someone who is interested not just in purchasing these locally made foods but also giving a go at starting your own business, check out Vider's second piece on how these businesses are navigating the city's business regulations.