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Reminder: TOMORROW Ayurvedic Cooking - Demystifying Spices

Just a reminder about our event this weekend. See you there! Ayurvedic Cooking: Demystifying Spices Sunday, April 24 · 6:00pm - 7:30pm Philly Community Wellness 1241 Carpenter Street Join Shruthi for a fun evening discovering key spices used in Ayurvedic Indian dishes. Together, we will discuss the nature of essential spices, what spices are best for specific constitutions, and different preparation methods such as frying, dry roasting, and making a masala. The event will also include: a written questionnaire to determine your Ayurvedic constitution, tips for mindful eating, and a hands-on cooking demonstration using fresh Springtime ingredients. Suggested donation to cover the cost of food: $5 You can RSVP via our Facebook event page.