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Sacred Economics - Book and short film about replacing scarcity with abundance

Here's a fun post for Friday afternoon. Hat tip to Co-op Board Member Stephanie Rupertus for sending along this film. If you have about 12 minutes, I highly recommend you check it out. The film will make you step back and question a lot of how our economy and our lives are organized and what motivates us. Though much of the recommendations in the film are unlikely ever to come true, if it can help people start to reprioritize and really think about what's important in life, then it has done its job. The author of Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein,  makes the point that we didn't earn any of things that gave us life or keep us alive including our conception, birth, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and a planet that produces food to sustain us. Films like this can remind some of us why this Co-op is so important. It's a whole different, and in many ways better and more sustainable, way of organizing our economy and helps strengthen the community that some day any or all of us might come to depend on.