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Sarah's Garden - Taking the week off

Hi folks! Sarah is taking the week off from writing about her awesome garden this week. She assures us that it is still thriving and that she is getting ready for the fall harvest. We'll have another installment of Sarah's Garden next week for your enjoyment. In the meantime, we should mention that Sarah herself is a a member-owner of the South Philly Food Co-op. Join Sarah and our other fantastic blogging member-owners (like Rose) and become a member-owner today. You can be counted as one of our 250 Founding Members and get us to our next goal which will allow us to start the process of - get this - looking for a location! Click here to find out how to join. And don't think that other people are going to get this done for you. If you don't join, there's a reasonably good chance that this co-op just won't happen.