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So what have we been doing lately? Sub-committee updates for September

The following was submitted to the Board in at the end of September.  The board minutes are also available on our website.
Subcommittee Updates as of 9/28/11
 Operations Committee Contract signed with Keystone Development Center to begin work on market analysis and budget projections.  We are planning 4 focus groups for December to provide some qualitative information that can be used in the feasibility study.  There will be two groups made up of members, one of interest people that have not become members yet (from our mailing list), and one “control” group made up of community members who may or may not have heard of the co-op (civic association e-blasts will be used to get this last group). Programs/Events The group discussed the idea of hosting a member-owner focused potluck (at a member’s home) in early November.  Currently trying to secure a location and a date.  This would be a meet-and-greet community builder for the current members and also an effort to try to sign up new members.  The only community events on our schedule right now are St. Nick’s Church Festival on Oct 2 and tabling at some of the local farmers markets.  Going forward, Maggie McCuistonagreed to be the official point person for community events and tabling opportunities.  The next meeting will be rescheduled because of the General Member-owner meeting on Oct 17.  The group will reassess 2nd round visits to civic associations at the next meeting. Communications and Marketing Reviewed work product from the Art Institute students and will present final decision to the Board at October meeting. Discussed media training. Membership The membership committee is currently planning the General Membership meeting for Monday October 17th, 2011. Speakers are in the process of being confirmed. Our team is writing the main bullet points for each section and will deliver to the speakers this week. We will have 4 volunteers to "check" people in, hand out ballots, and take new applications. We are asking members to bring a snack to share during a "mingling" session at the close of the meeting. The agenda is as follows:
  • Board Intros - Name, address, fun fact (10 minutes)
  • "Ice-breaker" - Take 2 minutes to introduce yourself to the people sitting next to you (2 minutes)
  • overview, progress (5 minutes)
  • next steps (10 minutes)
  • benefits (5 minutes)
  • volunteering (10 minutes)
  • train “how to talk about co-op and recruit your friends and neighbors" (10 minutes)
  • Q&A from audience (20 minutes)
  • Intro to by-laws and Q&A about by-laws (10 minutes)
  • Vote on bylaws (paper ballot)
  • Final wrap-up - mingle, eat snacks
The membership committee will meet again in the next few weeks to discuss a membership drive strategy. Finance There is a new reimbursement form, including instructions for the pre-approval process.  Note: without preapproval it is not guaranteed that you will be reimbursed.  Finance will merge with Operations Committee. Grants No update.  Grants committee members will begin attending Membership meetings to help with membership recruitment effort.  Garden Tour Total ticket sales: 124 86 pre-tour 38 day-of
Income Ticket Sales            $2661.86 Donations                      $1.00 Sponsors                   $150.00 Total                        $2812.86 Expenses Balloons                          $51.84 Name Badges                 $22.83 Brochure Holders          $22.65 Total                                 $97.00 Final Earnings                $ 2716.86
Tour Details 20 gardens participated - 8 home and 12 community 108 people “checked-in” and received bracelets and tour guide Follow up The garden tour committee has met to debrief and make suggestions for next year. Two surveys (host and participant) are currently in the field to gather feed back. In the next few weeks, we will set a date for next year’s tour and set a month to begin the planning process. Business Outreach Goal is to have 5 Shop South Philly partners by to announce the member benefit at the 10/17 meeting. Current businesses pending:
  • Wishing Well – accepted SSP
  • Grindcore – verbal agreement, pending completed form
  • Black N Brew – pending
  • Philly Car Share – pending
  • 2nd Street Brew – pending
  • Bennett’s Compost – pending
  • Devil’s Den – pending
  • Calm
  • Philly Wellness Center
  • SliCe
  • Urban Jungle
  • GirlBikeDog
  • Julie Laquer - Illustrator/Designer