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Check out our Events page which has many... Events on it

Our website is just full of all kinds of good information including a list of eventsthat the Co-op will either be hosting or participating in. In fact, coming up in the next few weeks we have:
  • QOTA fundraiser at Paradiso, Wednesday, March 21 (TOMORROW!!!)
  • Mushroom Log Workshop with Rich Meyers at Alison’s House, Sunday, April 1
  • Join us at the Passyunk Gardens to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with live music, raffles and an after-party at Devil’s Den, Saturday, April 28th
  • LoMo Flea Market, Saturday, May 19
  • General Membership Meeting at South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, Tuesday, May 22
Another cool feature of the Events page is that it also keeps a list of where we've been and what we've done that goes all the way back to December 2010 when we had that great fundraiser at the South Philadelphia Tap Room. It's a great way to look back and see all of the time, effort and energy that everyone involved with the Co-op has put in and remind you of just how quickly we've been able to pull this together. It also gives a nice guide if you happen to have a time machine and want to go back to one of these moments in Co-op history. Before you know it, we'll be at 250 Founding Members, looking for a location, and setting our next goal for the number of member-owners we'll need to open up shop! Of course, that time will go by even more quickly if you also check out our Membership page and our really handy online application.